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Cosmetics Expertise

We are the only laboratory with the technical expertise and capability to test cosmetic products for latex proteins and antigens using FDA validated assays


Case Study: Analyzing cosmetic products for antigenic proteins from natural rubber latex.

Why: Cosmetics manufacturers face challenges ensuring supply chain quality and often synthetic and natural rubber latex can become intermixed. This is problematic because at least 5% of the population experiences harmful effects from the antigenic proteins found in natural rubber latex.

How: Our team is able to separate and fractionate cosmetic matrices that typically interfere with protein and immunoassays.

Results: We are able to quantify the total and antigenic protein content in numerous cosmetic products.

Importance Of The Results: A cosmetics manufacturer is then able to validate that their ingredients and supply chain are not contaminated with potentially harmful antigenic latex proteins.

Our Services

detection of latex antigenic proteins (ELISA)

ASTM D6499-12


Test Method Adapted for the Immunological Measurement of Antigenic Protein in Cosmetic Products


 Total protein analysis (LOwry)

ASTM D5712-10


Test Method Adapted for the Analysis of Aqueous Extractable Protein in Cosmetic Products Using Innovative Method of Standard Additions


Technical Consulting




Clean Energy

Food Quality/Safety

Government Agencies

We are also Specialists in Molecular Spectroscopy

Fourier Transform Infrared Resonance (FTIR) | Diffuse Reflectance | Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) 



Example Applications

Product Counterfeiting | Block Co-polymers | Polymer Composition and Crystallinity | Resolving Biomolecules | Others





We are experts in niche applications - please connect with us to discuss your unique research challenges. 

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